Thursday, January 28, 2010 is a totally new media that will create a place for good quality music by talented musicians which up until now will never be heard. A place for established artists to be recognized and be able to be seen and heard again. A place for Singer/Songwriters with catalogs of great music that no one has ever heard will now be able to get their music in the hands of YOU the consumer! Everyone in the music business is trying to figure out how to introduce new artists and how to sell their music. In this day and age it's almost impossible to get your music aired on radio or television so we have created a totally new media that will allow all these artists to be seen and heard. Artists like Little Texas, Confederate Railroad and more have had new CD's released but radio and television refuse to play their new material so the general public has no way of knowing they have new music available. We intend to change that! will be a place where the consumer will be able to buy and download the artists music and videos and also buy the artists merchandise and venues will be able to book the artist all under one roof
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