Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Tower Records Project

"No music, no life." With that statement, Tower Records declared itself more than just a music store. From its founding in 1960 until its closure in 2006, Tower was a gathering place, a library, a barometer of cultural trends and one-time icon of the U.S. retail market. Ultimately, the Tower Records business model - large stores with deep music catalogs - couldn't compete in the age of digital downloads and discount retailers. But the spirit and history of this pioneering music store can live on. In fact, an effort to preserve the Tower experience is currently underway in Sacramento, California, the birthplace of Tower Records. In 2009, founder Russ Solomon donated over 200 boxes of Tower-related history - artwork, photographs, memorabilia, awards, business records and correspondence, office furnishings and even the neon signs from the first stand-alone store - to the Center for Sacramento History. The Tower Records Project, a campaign to fund the preservation of Russ' gift and make it publicly available, has kicked off
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