Friday, January 14, 2011

US blues singer Etta James treated for leukaemia

US blues legend Etta James has been diagnosed with dementia and is undergoing treatment for leukaemia. The 72-year-old's health problems came to light in court documents filed by her husband, Artis Mills, who is seeking control of her finances. Mr Mills claims the singer, known for her hit ballad At Last, has become too sick to manage her own money. A doctor has also stated the star needs help with eating, dressing and cannot sign her own name. Mr Mills is seeking a court order for control of more than $1 million (£630,000). He is also challenging the power of attorney James gave to sons Donto James and Sametto James, and Donto's wife Christy, in February 2008. Donto wrote in his court declaration he does not object to money being released for his mother's medical care
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