Saturday, July 31, 2010

A New Radio Station for London: Ronnie Scotts FM

London's favourite jazz club is turning a rather splendid 50 this year, and they have all sorts planned by way of celebration. Londonist conducted a spontaneous poll recently, and was quite scandalised by the percentage of Londoners who not only haven't visited the club, but are barely aware of its existence. At the Frith Street venue itself there are two weeks of very British sounds, reflecting the early days at Ronnie Scotts when musicians from abroad were not permitted to play. We are torn between the fun of the London Improvisers Orchestra and the jazzamatazz of the Laurence Cottle Big Band - but there are plenty of other acts to check out. There is also a photography competition, dear Flickr friends: the club is selecting a different house photographer each night - e-mail to apply. And then there's their new radio station: for two weeks from roundabout now you can catch them at 96.3 FM, and thereafter on-line
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