Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MySpace Music launches charts

From MySpace Blog: "Every artist aspires to be #1. The music platform on MySpace was built on the belief that if you provide artists with the right tools to properly market themselves then the opportunities are endless -and we understood from the very beginning that data would be one of the most important tools we could offer. Over these past few months we've gone under the hood to take a closer look at the intelligence underlining the MySpace Music platform and we've been focused on making it cleaner, more meaningful and more accessible to artists. With last month's beta launch of our new Artist Dashboard we now provide a comprehensive analytics tool to help give artists and labels useful intelligence about what's resonating with fans and how their content is being socialized throughout MySpace. Continuing that momentum, today marks the beta launch of MySpace Music Charts - a new global product that creates multiple front doors into the discovery of popular music content across all genres. Whether you're a hip hop act, an unsigned progressive rock band or the next electronica sensation in Germany - there's a chart for that"
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